Meat and cheese are staples to the traditional service deli. Hormel Foods Deli by Design™ is closely aligned to this part of the deli and sees that consumers are changing their purchasing behavior – buying more value, premium, and super premium tiers than ever before.

We proudly offer these two brands behind-the-glass:

New Hormel 1891 Butcher Quality Meats

Hormel 1891™ Butcher Quality Meats

From a long-standing history, putting more than 125 years of tradition, dedication, and craft into the product, Hormel Foods makes 1891™ Butcher Quality Meat. They make meats, and only meats, that deliver top flavors everyone wants to eat. From the passion of the butcher slicing to new deli customer buying, the rich bites of hearty deli slices fill the whole family full for a day of work or play.

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Di Lusso Deli Company

Di Lusso Deli Company

DI LUSSO BRAND is more than a decision at a deli. It’s a culinary idea paired with undeniably high quality foods that transcend what a customer can do. It lives in a full behind-the-glass program, with a beautiful selection of traditional meats, dry meats, artisan cheeses, and condiments. And when the customer is simply too busy to eat, it includes prepared salads, sandwich, and grab-n-go meats and cheeses.

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